Paper Development Workshop: The future of Research in Entrepreneurship Education

Thursday November 10th and Friday November 11th  2016 in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Deadline for registration and abstract is October 1st 2016.
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  • Receive constructive feedback from senior scholars within entrepreneurship education on a research paper.
  • Develop new paper ideas and contributions with fellow researchers.
  • Meet and network with senior scholars and peers who share similar interests in entrepreneurship education.
  • Improve the quality of future research on entrepreneurship education.


Welcome to an intensive Paper Development Work-shop with a unique opportunity for direct feedback and ideas to a specific paper you are working on.

This workshop will gather a small group of scholars within entrepreneurship education who share the interest of developing new contributions to the field.

The workshop format is set to be highly interactive and participants will be mutually engaged in contributing with feedback and have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on own work.

Furthermore, the workshop will have a number of key-note presentations from senior scholars with specific knowledge and insight into the research and paper development process in entrepreneurship.

In this unique setting, we will also together explore ideas for new papers and projects that can be facilitated across the participants.

The workshop is open to all academic scholars with an interest in the future of research in entrepreneurship education.

We offer this Paper Development Workshop as a key site for discussion of research-related professional development. The workshop brings a truly interactive

professional atmosphere with workshops and other organized activities that assist participants to develop higher-level publications.


This workshop is not only targeted doctoral students but broadly scholars and practitioners who wish to expand their network and collaboration within the field of entrepreneurship education.


VIA University College in association with Aarhus University.


  • Entrepreneurial identity
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • Nascent entrepreneurship
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Narrative approaches to entrepreneurship


  • Helle Neergaard, Professor of Entrepreneurship, iCARE, Department of Business Administration at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her focus is on entrepreneurship, growth, effectuation, identity and gender.
  • Lorraine Warren, Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – School of Management, Massey University, New Zealand. Her focus is on entrepreneurial identity, technology transfer, small business management and the creative industries/digital media.
  • Karen Williams, Middleton Associate professor at the Division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Her focus is on nascent en-trepreneurship, entrepreneurial behavior and entre-preneurship education.
  • More to come


  • Researching Entrepreneurial Identity by Lorraine Warren.
  • Researching Nascent Entrepreneurship by Karen Williams Middleton.
  • Qualitative Research Techniques and Analysis by Helle Neergaard.
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