Boomers Mix TV with Their PCs? No surprise to me!


Boomers are tech-savvy, avid Internet users and multitask online while watching TV, says a recent report from eMarketer, Boomer Demographics and Media Usage. In the article, the author of the report Lisa E. Phillips points out that in their youth Boomers  “…eagerly adopted new technologies such as Walkmans, VCRs, PCs, DVRs and the Internet” .  In many cases this is true, and in earlier posts I have questioned the ‘Digital Native’ tag attached so frequently to Generation Y.  I’d go further than that too:  there are some very savvy Boomers out there, I speak from experience here, who came up the hard way through technology.  Many of them learned the basics of computing on command-line driven systems of various kinds, including DOS, and had to write short macros to get  office-style  applications to do anything remotely interesting.  Indeed for some of us it was dumb terminals on a mainframe.  We then got used to Windows/GUI WYSIWYG working, and started to work with ‘multimedia’, graphics, videos and sound, when applications were thin on the ground and processor power and RAM memory were low, and CD-ROM was the storage du jour.  To make things work, you had to know a fair bit about the underlying system, for workarounds and dodges.  And so it went on, as peer-to-peer networking and eventually the Internet became the norm.  Adopters expanded the capabilities of these technologies, through knowing quite  a bit about what went on underneath the interface – you just had to, to make early stuff work just that little bit harder.  So, yes, my settee looks a bit like mission control, as I mix TV, PC and smartphone, apps, location, cloud – looking forward to the next stage!

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  1. All I can say is Yay! You should see my streaming system here – itunes to radio, netflix to tv – and we grew up BEFORE there were manuals. Only that darned DOS book of commands. Remember virutal drives? Sidekick?

  2. Lorraine says:

    Absolutely! Don’t get me started on floppy disks though 🙂 Enjoying your blog btw

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